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Dryer Vent Bird Guard Releases New Insights On Protecting Dryer Vents To Prevent House Fires

January 11, 2017

Dryer Vent Bird Guard is a company based in Kannapolis, North Carolina, that provides products to help stop birds from nesting in dryer vents. The company states that this is a common problem with homeowners all over the country, and says that they can provide insights to homeowners on how to stop this issue, and hopefully prevent house fires.

The company has the goal of helping homeowners protect their dryer vents from damage or getting clogged as a result of birds making their nests there. Once birds have nested, it is nearly impossible to move them because a number of birds fall under protection due to their species. Homeowners would essentially be breaking the law if they attempted to remove the birds, particularly once they have laid eggs. Birds nesting in dryer vents can be hazardous as the heat that builds up due to exhaust vents being clogged by the nest can cause a house fire.

“Birds nesting in your dryer vents can cause clogging and even damage to the vents,” says George Steiner, a spokesperson for Dryer Vent Bird Guard. “Our goal is to offer something that helps homeowners to stop birds nesting in your dryer vents, which protects the birds and at the same time prevents house fires.”

The company has produced a product that stops birds from nesting, which eliminates the hassles of removing them. Steiner states that if a bird has already laid eggs, it can take weeks for the baby birds to mature enough to leave the nest. He says that once they are mature, homeowners should immediately spring into action to prevent the birds from nesting in the vent again.

George Steiner states, “After the bird nesting season, we recommend that homeowners remove the bird guard and re-install prior to next year’s bird nesting season. This is no problem because installation or removal of the bird guard is so easy that it requires only 60 seconds to do it. There are no tools required for installation or removal and the bird guard can easily be installed and removed as needed.”

The company states that their bird guard fits over vent openings quickly and easily, ensuring that birds can never enter the vent. Steiner says that it is important to protect wildlife and that their dryer vent guard does not only prevent the vents from being clogged, which is a fire hazard, but also keep birds from nesting in an area that could be unsafe for them. He says that the product offers a win-win for both the homeowners and the local birds.

Those interested in learning more about how the dryer vent guard can protect against nesting and prevent house fires can visit the company online for 4″x5″ Bird Screen.



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