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Dryer Vent Bird Guard Releases Info On How To Stop Birds Nesting In Dryer Vents

April 29, 2015

Dryer Vent Bird Guard, a company based in Kannapolis, NC, has released new information on how to stop birds from nesting in dryer vents, which is a problem people all over the country are struggling with. The company hopes that the information will help the general public to find ways to both protect their homes and vents and the bird population itself.

“When birds start nesting in dryer vents, they can cause tremendous problems to homes,” says George Steiner from Dryer Vent Bird Guard. “Not just that, they actually risk killing themselves as well! What we have aimed to do is to create something that not only protects home owners, but the birds as well. Simply put, they will have no choice other than nest elsewhere.”

When birds have nested, there is very little that can be done. In fact, because many species of birds come under some form of protection, they must be left alone once they are there. Home owners are advised that they must allow the eggs to hatch and that it generally takes three weeks for the baby birds to have matured enough to leave the nest. Once that has happened, however, home owners should get to work protecting their vents from further nests.

As soon as the birds have left their nests, people should immediately purchase a Steel Dryer Vent Bird Stop. This can be placed over most standard sized vents and will prevent any further birds from attempting to nest in them. Additionally, before placing the vent stop on the dryer, older nesting materials should be removed.

“If you want to know how to stop birds from nesting in your dryer vents, the answer is very simple,” adds George Steiner. “Our vent guard simply fits over your vent openings and the job is done. However, do look inside the vent and remove any old nests, which should be no further than two feet into the vent itself.”

As human beings take over more and more natural space, the habitat of the bird population is dwindling. It is for this reason that they are starting to nest in any opening they can find, including dryer vents, chimneys and other elements. It is not so much a case of wildlife becoming more comfortable with the human population, but more so a case of birds having no place else to go.

Thanks to dryer vent bird guards, they are encouraged to find other nesting spots. While human habitats are indeed encroaching on that of local wildlife, there are still plenty of spaces birds can find that do not potentially cause damage to homes and properties, or that place them in danger as well. Indeed, thanks to Dryer Vent Bird Stop, both homes and birds are protected.

For further information on how to stop birds from nesting in your dryer vents, or on the Dryer Vent Bird Guard, please use the contact details below.


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